There will be two rounds:

1. The Preliminary Round will be held on Sunday 7th July 2019 in the Ballroom of the Budworth Hall in Ongar from mid-morning until 5:30pm.

2. The Final Round will be held on Sunday 7th July 2019 in the Ballroom of the Budworth Hall in Ongar from 6:30pm until approximately 10:00pm.

In the event of the competition being oversubscribed, it may be necessary to hear some performances on the afternoon of Sunday 30th June 2019. Up to five Finalists will be announced at approximately 5:30pm on the 7th July. Competitors who have played early in the day and plan to leave the competition venue must advise the administration team of this fact. They will be notified of the result by phone and/or email after 5:30pm and they must be prepared to return to the competition for the Final at 6:30pm if required.


There will be a panel of at least four professional musicians for both rounds. The exact makeup of this panel will be announced after the closing date. Should any competitor be studying with one or more of the judges, the judge or judges in question will not participate in the assessment of that competitor’s performance. The judges, whose decision is final, reserve the right to withhold the Awards if it is considered that the standards of performance are not sufficiently high.


First Prize £1,000
Sponsored by a legacy from Mr John Harrop

The Essex Young Musician of the Year cup to hold for one year and a professional recital engagement with Ongar Music Club.

Other prizes will be awarded totalling more than £1,000. Many of these have been bequeathed or donated by longstanding supporters of this competition and Ongar Music Club. These include Jean and Barrie Hall, Phoebe Musgrave, Janet Pope, Sylvia Terry, Geoffrey Timms and Bert and Peggy Webster. Two prizes are awarded to the two candidates under 19, not already prizewinners in the current competition, who have given the most outstanding performances in their age group.

Full details of the prizes will be announced in early June.


Candidates may detach and complete the Entry Form in the printed brochure. However, we would encourage you to submit your application online, along with scans of all accompanying documents, by following the link at <>.

Documents may be emailed to:

Please be sure to keep a copy of the submitted repertoire.

Please note that whichever way you choose to enter, both the entry form and ALL accompanying documents must reach the administration team by the 31st May 2019 else your entry will not be accepted.

Please include your name, email address and telephone number with all items sent.

Ensure that you thoroughly read the Programme Requirements and Conditions of Entry before signing and submitting your entry form.

Entry forms must be accompanied by:

1. Testimonials from two music professionals, written specifically for this year’s competition. Under 18 applicants may submit one from their school Head Teacher/Head of Music. The references may be sent directly via email to the address below. Please ensure that any scans are made at a resolution of 300dpi.

2. Proof of eligibility is required if not at present living in Essex. For example, a photocopy of the candidate’s birth certificate or passport if born in Essex. This may be scanned and sent via email.

3. A fee of £45 payable to Ongar Music Club. This can be paid by cheque or online via BACS to the following account:
Account: Ongar Music Club Sort Code: 20-29-86 Account number: 20691127

4. A head and shoulders, full-face photograph which clearly identifies the candidate. Photographs cannot be returned.
This may also be emailed to:

If sending a photograph by email, please ensure that the scan has a resolution of 300dpi or a filesize of no less than 500kB.
If in doubt, please ask.

If applying by mail, send your completed entry form and documents to:
EYMY Administration Team, Fernside, Great Burches Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 3NA

Last date of entry: 31st May 2019


• FIRST ROUND: 10–15 minutes
This must include at least TWO works or two movements from different works.
Ideally, works chosen will be from contrasting musical periods.

• FINAL: 15–20 minutes
This must include at least TWO contrasting works or two movements from different works.
You may NOT include works from the First Round.

In all rounds the judges will take into account choice, variety and balance of programme items.

For the Final Round, candidates must perform at least one complete piece or movement from memory.

Please note that these times must allow for preparation, tuning, pauses between works and applause. Candidates whose performance is significantly over or under the time allowed may be penalised. Candidates who greatly exceed their time may be requested to stop.

The administration team will not permit alterations to the programme content, once submitted.


1. The competition is open to singers and instrumentalists (not organists). Only one entry is permitted each year.

2. Entrants must have their home address in Essex, or attend school or college in Essex, or have been born in Essex. Proof is required.

3. Entrants must be 25 or under on 7th July 2019.

4. An entry fee of £45 is payable. This is only refundable in exceptional circumstances.

5. Entrants should be of at least grade 7–8 standard or equivalent, and must submit signed and dated testimonials from two professional musicians, written specifically for this year’s competition.

6. The last date for entries is 31st May 2019.

7. Past winners of the competition are not eligible to enter.

8. Timings and complete descriptions (including opus or catalogue numbers) of all works to be played must be clearly and accurately stated on the entry form. Where individual extracts, movements, arias or songs are performed, it should be shown clearly from which work or opera they come. The competition reserves the right to request re-submission of a competitor’s programme if this requirement is not strictly observed.

9. Strict timekeeping will be enforced in all rounds and competitors who are not ready to perform at their appointed time in the competition programme may be disqualified.

10. Candidates are expected to dress smartly for all stages of the competition. Candidates and accompanying pianists should be ready to wear evening dress for the Final. Please ask if you are uncertain what is required.

11. Candidates must perform at least one complete piece or movement from memory during the Final of the competition.

12. The Competition cannot legally allow anyone to perform from photocopied music and has no choice but to disqualify performers if they or their accompanying pianists do so unless, before their performance starts, they can produce written evidence to the administration team showing that the publisher’s agreement has been sought and granted. Performances from iPads and other electronic devices are not allowed in any circumstances.

13. Competitors must provide the judges with a complete score of all music to be played. For this purpose only, photocopies will be accepted but these will be retained after the competition and destroyed by the administration team.

14. Candidates must provide their own accompanying pianists. If there is a problem, the administration team have several contact numbers for suitably qualified pianists.

15. The use of recording apparatus, either audio or video, at any stage of the competition is illegal and strictly prohibited. Candidates should ensure that their family and friends in the audience are aware of this.

Programme Requirements & Conditions of Entry